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Gaddis Visuals is a video production company that offers a full array of services including concepting, script writing, storyboarding, filming, video editing, color correction, motion graphics, audio editing, and final delivery. Our goal is to provide high value, prompt, and reliable service. We produce stellar videos your audience is guaranteed to remember. We create innovative content using the most up to date technology available today.

We believe in the power of education. Helping film-makers learn and grow is something we are passionate about. Follow us on that journey by subscribing to the Gaddis Visuals blog and listening weekly to the Capturing Light podcast.

Gaddis Visuals

What To Expect:

Gaddis Visuals is not only a production company.  We provide educational tools that allow filmmakers to excel in their craft through the blog and podcast.

Capturing Light: a Director of Photography’s podcast

Listen to cinematographers, directors, and industry professionals share their experiences and give tips that can help you on production. Hosted by Les Gaddis, the podcast ranges from 15-30 minutes and covers topics such as creating cinematic images through lighting and camera work, networking and managing a set, and tools that will help make productions easier.  Subscribe to the podcast on itunes.

Gaddis Visuals Blog:  an educational experience for filmmakers at every level.

From learning basic cinematography concepts, to advanced techniques in lighting and post production, the Gaddis Visuals blog provides content based on years of research and experience.  Subscribe to our newsletter to receive this content on a weekly basis delivered directly to your inbox.

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We are here for you as a video production company and as a resource guide for your film-making journey. We want to provide award-winning videos for you.  We want to answer your questions about the film-making process. We will try our best to respond to your emails in a timely manner and we look forward to building a lasting relationship with you.  We hope your experience here is a great one and look forward to seeing you back in the near future.

Les Gaddis

Director of Photography / Owner
Les has filmed 2 feature films, 15 short films, 13 music videos, 19 commercials and promotional videos, worked on 3 TV shows and covered over 500 events.

Caz Gaddis

Social Media Strategist / Partner
Cassandra is currently working on her craft through her growing experience in Social Media. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Mass Communications, specializing in Social Media via the University of Florida.